Our Story

logo-squaredThe Church Marketing Academy was founded by Neil Richmund early in 2015 as an answer to a common problem he saw with many churches throughout his 20 years of experience in ministry and nearly 10 years in world of marketing. The problem is best summed up in this quote: “A confused mind always says NO.”

Too many church leaders are stopped dead in their tracks when it comes to marketing their church because the options are so overwhelming. They are hit from every direction with all kinds of marketing advice and options – email marketing, social media, print advertising, public relations, online advertising, community involvement, billboards…the list goes on and on.  Churches want to grow and reach their community, but unfortunately many do not have a plan in place that reflects their vision. There is no strategy in place to sift through all the options and choose the ones that best fit their unique target audience and their unique vision. Because churches are focused on providing the highest quality experience for their members, often the outreach or marketing strategy takes a back seat, while little or no thought is given to a formula that would allow the church to make its biggest impact in its immediate community.  In essence, having the right strategy will generate more meaningful relationships that have the potential to ultimately connect them for eternity with their Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ – that’s the goal of all church outreach efforts. The right marketing strategy can help churches achieve their goals to reach, attract, and connect people.  We are here to help!

The Church Marketing Academy exists to show churches exactly how to create that ideal plan to reach their community based on the principles that have worked for 20+ years for Duct Tape Marketing (see below for more about Duct Tape Marketing).

What is Duct Tape Marketing?

DTM-LogoDuct Tape Marketing was founded by small business expert John Jantsch. John is the best-selling offer of four flagship small business marketing books, Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine, The Commitment Engine and Duct Tape Selling. He has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many others. His Duct Tape Marketing blog has been highlighted by Forbes magazine as a “Forbes Favorite”, and as a great small business resource by Harvard Business School.

At the core of the Duct Tape Marketing is the belief that marketing needs to be a system within your company, just like human resources, accounting, IT, or logistics. Using a systematic, step-by-step approach, Duct Tape Marketing has helped thousands of small businesses to develop affordable, effective marketing strategies, resulting in phenomenal increases in new business sales. The Duct Tape Marketing programs are only available through licensed and trained consultants.

Who is Neil Richmund?


One conversation with Neil Richmund will immediately tell you that he isn’t from around here.  Although Neil’s Aussie accent gives away the fact that he spent the first half of his life in Australia, he has called the United States his home for the past 24 years.  Neil’s career start began with a Master’s degree in Education from Andrews University in Michigan in 1992.   As an ordained minister, he spent the next 15 years teaching and ministering to students in various Christian high schools, including those in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and California, helping students everywhere to attain the tools they would need for life and for further education, focusing on such content areas as design, computer technology, and religion.

In 2006 he moved to Indianapolis, IN to start a new chapter in his life, where he began the transition from the world of education and ministry to the business world.  He started out as a barista, serving coffee at Starbucks, taking the steps necessary to learn about business and marketing, before starting a business of his own publishing a weekly community newspaper in Mooresville, IN.  From those humble beginnings, he grew that business and his marketing knowledge base, earning himself the title of Mooresville Chamber Person of the Year in 2009 from the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce.

In 2011 Neil started another chapter of his life, in which he would become a marketing consultant, teaching business owners about using marketing strategies to grow their small businesses.   Neil educated and trained several entrepreneurs in the community on how to be successful in an ever-changing business world.   Neil has helped countless businesses grow by helping them to choose a unique strategy that best fit their vision and target audience.

Now Neil is embarking upon perhaps his most exciting chapter yet…helping churches to reach, attract, and connect people.  Much like the businesses he has helped, churches also need a unique strategy that fits their vision.  The strategies for reaching out to the community, attracting people to come see what they are all about, and connecting people to each other and to a lifeline in the church all look very different.  Neil has a unique passion for analyzing how churches can improve in those endeavors and setting a plan to accomplish that.