Monday Morning Motivator – Change the World!

I am just one person, so how can I change the world? We are challenged every single day to make an impact on the world we encounter, but that can feel so overwhelming sometimes. There are so many people, and at times it just seem so dark, but if commit to making a difference to everyone you encounter today it will have an impact. Think back to people from the past who have done just that – Martin Luther felt as though what he was being taught did not match with the words of the bible he was reading – so he changed the world. It doesn’t have to be that big – it can just be something small, like smiling at someone we pass, or actually stopping to see if someone is okay, rather than rushing through our day. If every person in the world did just one thing to change his/her world, we would have such a powerful impact on our society.  Yes, the world can seem dark.  But even one small light can shine in darkness.

Today I want to challenge you to do just one thing to change your world!

“It’s the smallest spark that can light the dark”

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