Church Marketing Video Tip – The Appreciation Dinner

2015-08-10 14.01.31Here’s a great church marketing idea you can implement in your church that makes a great impact in your community. Essentially, here are the elements involved to make this event a success.

  1. find a regular local event that make an impact in your community
  2. plan a lunch or dinner to say thank you to the workers
  3. personally invite them to your church for the meal
  4. plan a great home-cooked meal
  5. get volunteers from your church
  6. gather items for a goodie bag to send them home with (personal supplies, reading material, items created by the children in your church etc.)
  7. have Bible’s available for anyone who would like one
  8. put on a great event
  9. say thank you to every attendee for what they do for your community.

Make sure you watch the video to see how it is done and some actual footage from the event I recently attended.

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