Church Marketing Idea – The Church Sign

I love to look at church signs. There, I said it. I know it’s a bit of a crazy thing to love to do, but they can be so funny, so pointed at times and then at other times be the message you needed to hear at that particular moment. Are you using your sign to make an impact on everyone who drives by your church? Are you talking full advantage of it?

I have shared this many times, but I believe very strongly that marketing is not just for businesses, even churches have to be thinking about that and their sign is a great place to start. Your church can use marketing and messages to offer hope and consolation, and to provide the community with information. Church sign messages attract worshipers, provide smiles and tell the general public what your church is all about. Here are 3 things you should focus on accomplishing with your sign:

  1. Inspire people quickly – you only have 3-5 seconds
  2. Provide succinct information – you have 3 lines max to make an impact
  3. Show the lighter side of your church – have fun

Here are a few great resources you can draw on the get creative with your sign. Wouldn’t it be great if people drove by your church to see what your sign said today? Wouldn’t it be even better, if those people just had to come inside to see who was behind it? Let’s not ignore this important church marketing idea – let it be a sign to you! 🙂


Your Church Sign: 1001 Attention-Getting Sayings, by  Verlyn D. Verbrugge – it’s an oldie, but there are tons of great ideas in this book – you can subscribe to get an Monday morning email with a new saying each week –  fun signs from around the world


A few of my favourite church signs:



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